Flute Fling thanks and watch out for more

Thanks to everyone who came to the Flute Fling workshop — it was good to see you and I hope you got plenty from it. Thanks to Catriona Patience for her help and support and to Nick for coming all the way from the Isle of Arran for the afternoon and evening music session.

The music for the workshop (with corrections) can be found here (PDF) on the workshops page of The Flow.

This was the first such Flute Fling event and it won’t be the last. My next big workshop will be on Sunday 3rd June at The Border Gaitherin in Coldstream.

Ceilidh Culture has only just begun, so be sure to check out other events. This week I’ll be at the Scots Music Group fund-raising gig on Friday 30th and then with Fun Fluters at Portobello Community Centre with Fun Fiddle and Linten Adie choir on Saturday 31st. I’ll be relaxing later on playing in The Captain’s Bar with Cauldstane Slap.

Cauldstane Slap in session at Sandy Bell's



6 thoughts on “Flute Fling thanks and watch out for more

  1. Hi Gordon,
    I like the photo of Cauldstane Slap in action, in Sandy Bell’s. Actually, I was watching a programme about Donnie Munro, (of Runrig fame, of course,) a few nights ago, on Gaelic tv and Sandy Bell’s appeared in the credits!
    Happy holidays!
    See you at the start of term, at the SMG class,

    All the best,


    • Hi Vicky,

      Sandy Bell’s has been on Edinburgh’s musical map for a long time. But there are a good number of other bars which also continue to host good music in Edinburgh. I think we’re blessed, really.

      • Hi Gordon,
        Yes, I totally agree. There are some fantastic places in Edinburgh that host great music, like you say.
        See you a week on Wednesday.

        All the best,

  2. Hi Gordon,
    Just to say I was listening to Fiddler’s Bid playing All dressed in Yellow, last night on Gaelic Tv, and it seemed like a good tune to play!
    see you tonight at the class!

  3. Hi Gordon,
    Hope you’re well. Have offered to make some Rocky Road for Cafe` Ceilidh Extra, on Saturday May 12th, and will drop it off at the concert/wee sale, after my work placement at Scotmid, (I finish at 1.00.). I know you teach at the Portobello Music School on a Saturday morning, so l might see you there, at some point.

    See you tonight, at the class.

    All the best,


  4. Hi Gordon,
    Hope you’re well, and enjoying the nice weather. I watched ‘Fiddler’s Bid’, on Gaelic tv last night, on a folk music programme, and enjoyed it. Actually, I discovered that Chris Stout, one of the members of the band, (from looking at the SMG leaflets,)has brought out a book of tunes! I had a look at his website, and found that the book is about £15. It’s aimed at fiddle players of course, because that’s his instrument, but if I fancied getting a copy, I imagine I could play them on the whistle, flute, or the guitar,(slowly!),just like the SMG books.
    Anyway, see you on Wednesday, at the class, enjoy the rest of your week-end!

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