Border Gaitherin 2012 flute and whistle workshops

This weekend sees the 10th anniversary of the Border Gaitherin at Coldstream and I’ll be running two flute and whistle workshops as part of the festival. One of these is for Absolute Beginners, the other for those developing their music on the instruments. I’ll also be taking part in the Tutor’s Concert on Sunday evening.

The festival runs 1st-3rd June. The workshops take place on Sunday 3rd of June. It’s a small, friendly festival on the Scottish Border with England just a stone’s throw away across the Tweed. Lots to do and see, with workshops and activities for musicians and non-musicians alike.

The Workshops

For people new to the whistle or flute, this will provide an opportunity to learn the basics, from how to hold and sound the instrument to first notes, understanding notation and moving on to first tunes.

For those who have the basics already covered and are moving onto improving their technique and expanding their repertoire, this workshop will cover some different tune types from Scotland and Ireland and look at how phrasing and technique can be used to bring out the best of the tunes, regardless of experience.

I have been going to the Gaitherin at Coldstream for many years, for concerts, sessions and workshops as well as performances and more recently teaching. It’s one of my favourite places to go and I hope to see you there too!

One thought on “Border Gaitherin 2012 flute and whistle workshops

  1. Hi Gordon,
    Hope you’re well. I’m not so bad, myself. Just to say I’m really enjoying my new Chris Stout book, and will try playing some of them on the guitar,- both in terms of simple strumming/picking, as well as trying to play the tune,and figuring out where the notes are, which is of course a really good kind of way of learning notes, and chords.
    Hope you’re having a nice time, wherever you are,- Scotland’s been kind of wet, hasn’t it, but Andy Murray getting to the Wimbledon final, alone, is a totally amazing achievement.So, maybe he didn’t win, and Roger Federer did, but he’s made history by being the first British man to get to the final, in 74 years!! I’m totally sure his moment will come, and he’ll win Wimbledon one day,- that’s pretty much guaranteed, if he was able to get this far.
    Happy holidays, and see you at the class, in September, if not at Sandy Bell’s sometime.


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