Flute and whistle classes in Edinburgh this Autumn

FluteFling classes will resume on Thursday September 4th and run into early December. There will be two groups once again, running alternate weeks for a total of seven classes each.

I have found description of classes and experience levels in traditional music settings to be limiting as people learn and acquire skills at different rates and in different circumstances. For simplification I have opted to rename them in order to show an approximate sense of progression:

  • Flute and whistle 1: for complete beginners and those with less than 1-2 years experience.
  • Flute and whistle 2: for those with about 2-3 years experience
  • Flute and whistle 3: for those with about 3-4 years experience or more.

The regular Thursday night classes will be for Flute and whistle 2 and 3 only, following on from previous years.

I am delighted to say that Flute and whistle 1 will be organised and run by the multi-talented and inspiring Amble Skuse, who works and teaches in the Edinburgh area and with Horsecross Arts in Perth. An experienced teacher in many settings, I am looking forward to liaising with Amble in this new partnership.

Update: unfortunately the Flute and whistle 1 class does not have sufficient numbers to run at the moment. If interested, please contact Amble and a new session will be organised when it will be possible to go ahead.

Photo of flutes and whistles (c) Gordon Turnbull