Portobello Music School traditional whistle

Resources for Portobello Music School Traditional Whistle class for children that ran for two years.

Scottish Tin Whistle by Fran Gray

Please note that most of these tunes can be found in Fran Gray’s Hands on Scottish Tin Whistle, which can be bought from various specialist places such as Coda Music in Edinburgh, Scotland’s Music and a version in Gaelic at Fèisean nan Gàidheal. I have tried out various books and found it to be very useful as a teaching tool for children starting out on the whistle.

This book and those mentioned below make a good introduction for adults as well.

The recordings below are of me playing some of the traditional tunes that were taught in the class and can be played or downloaded using the widget below.

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Other whistle books

Following Fran Gray’s book, there are few other books that are specifically for the whistle. However, this isn’t a big problem as most traditional tunes fit the instrument well. Once the basics have been learned, it is possible to use other books and for Scottish repertoire, Combined First & Second Ceilidh Collections for Fiddlers, comes with accompanying CDs and is available in various outlets.

These were originally published in two volumes (there are four in total), but without the CDs. The tunes are well-known and of a wide variety of type and level of difficulty.

Other books to look out for include Geraldine Cotter’s Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor and Robin Williamson’s The Penny Whistle Book. There are quite a few Irish tutors tutors as well, most of which will be good.