Workshop resources 2018

Resources for the FluteFling workshops 2018

Notation of music covered in the workshops are generally provided as both a PDF using standard notation and as a text file using ABC format (More about ABC format here).

Recordings are uploaded to a playlist on Soundcloud, and can generally be downloaded or played straight from either this page, the Soundcloud site or the Soundcloud app.


  • January: (Leaving Lismore, Kye Comes Hame, Green Grow the Rashes, Och Is Duine Truagh Mi 1 & 2, Dhomhnuill a Dhomhnuill): FF_Jan_2018_tunes.pdf (PDF) | FF_Jan_2018_tunes.txt (ABC format .TXT file)
  • February, from Sharon Creasey: Two JPG files. Click on the images to view or right-click to download. (Mickey Mor Doherty’s March, Ingonish Jig) | (Hector the Hero, Mr. Webster, Mrs. Webster)
Tunes taught by Sharon Creasey

Mickey Mor Doherty’s March / Ingonish Jig as taught by Sharon Creasey

Tunes taught by Sharon Creasey

Hector the Hero / Mr. Webster / Mrs. Webster as taught by Sharon Creasey








  • March: (Dennis Murphy’s, The Star Above the Garter, Going to the Well for Water, Sean Frank, Drag Her Down the Road, Idir Deighric ‘Gus Breo’)FF_Mar_2018_tunes (PDF) | FF_Mar_2018_tunes (ABC format .TXT file)
  • April: 5th FluteFling Edinburgh Weekend 2018 (temporary). Battle of the Braes_1 |

Cathkin Braes | Dulaman Scotsman over the Border | First Slip_1 | Gaelic reels | Hawk of Ballyshannon – Mis Stewart of Grandtully | I Ne’er shall wean her_1 |

Jimmy Duffys Barndances | Miss Wedderburn pdf |











Wish I never saw you_1