A week to go to Flute Fling

Flute Fling is just one week away and space is limited, so make sure you don’t miss out.

This is a chance to learn some new tunes, perfect techniques and have fun playing with other flutes and whistles. There will be some Scottish tunes and as it is St Patrick’s Day, Irish ones too.

We’ll looking at:

  • breathing
  • timing
  • decoration
  • embouchure
  • posture
  • a variety of Irish and Scottish tunes — jigs, reels and more
  • ways of playing together

I’m a great believer in enabling people to participate and share in the music making, so as long as you have the rudiments and can find your way around your instrument, there will be something for you, from improvers aiming consolidate their playing to more experienced musicians looking to step things up.

One thought on “A week to go to Flute Fling

  1. Hi Gordon,
    I’m really looking forward to Flute Fling,-it should be a great day! I’ll bring my flute, as well as my whistle.
    See you tomorrow at the class,enjoy your evening.



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