The Haunted House: a flutey, whistley jig

Inspired by the Brownies who were having a Halloween party at our venue last week, I changed my plans at the last minute and made The Haunted House the tune that we focused on, a jig written by the late County Galway flute player Vincent Broderick.

As might be expected, his tunes are very accessible to whistle and flute alike and have become popular in Irish sessions. His tunes seem to fit the traditional idiom very well without trying to jazz things up or change things about, so that fit into the repertoire quite seamlessly. One distinctive trait of his tunes is the repetition of key phrases that then help to emphasise the rhythm in a way that feels quite subtle. My recording and setting are on the resources page.

The jig comes from The Turoe Stone, one of two books his compositions that he produced and there is also a CD available. Here’s a list of the various editions that are available on Amazon.

He received TG4’s Composer of the year award in 2003:


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