FluteFling traditional flute and whistle afternoon workshops take place in Edinburgh, usually on the third Saturday of the month. Weekend workshops at other times in the year also take place in Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

The monthly Edinburgh workshops are run by Gordon Turnbull, a traditional flute and whistle player with over 30 years of playing experience and over 20 years of teaching experience in a variety of music settings.

The weekend workshops in Edinburgh and Aberdeen are jointly run by Kenny Hadden, Sharon Creasey and Gordon Turnbull. Kenny is well-known in Aberdeen as a tutor with SC&T and as a performer, while Sharon performs and teaches regularly in the Glasgow area and is an expert on the music of County Fermanagh. The Scottish traditional flute weekends have been taking place since 2014. The weekend events continue to be supported and advised by many people, particularly flute and guitar player Tom Oakes.

Photo: Chandra Isenberg

Gordon has been teaching flute and whistle players in Edinburgh since 1996 and has run whistle classes for the Scots Music Group.

The music classes and workshops evolved out of The Flow, Gordon’s website on Irish flute and whistle playing. One day he hopes to update the site again.

A Primary School teacher, Gordon has taught Music in special schools since 2011 and has run creative music classes and workshops in many different settings. For more information on these activities see The Flow Music Workshops.

Gordon has been published in the British Flute Society’s journal FLUTE and in Music Education UK.

Contact Gordon here: gordon [at] flutefling.co.uk


Coldstream Road:


Gordon has been a tutor at the Border Gaitherin at Coldstream:

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